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Just sneakin' around....
Really miss my Husky's and Malamutes.

They all had a lot of personality.
I watch a lot of vids about animal hijinks, and it's always the Husky and mixes that are the most fun. Love the way they constantly 'talk' and argue with you. If I were to ever get another pet, it would be a Husky or something close.


..if momma ain't happy...
I like huskys, but every one I've ever know was an escape artist, and loved to kill chickens.


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Cats: I love when you feed me and clean the litter pan. Otherwise, meh!
Independent little critters, but in the end, they love their humans. It is a kneading and purr thing. You know I have a feral cat that was found in a loading dock at 4 weeks old. He is very appreciative, and shows it every day.