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My mother called me and asked me that question, so I have been googling my fingers off and cannot find an answer to it. If anyone knows please share.


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Has it also been reported that Trump allowed Air Force Two to be used for his transport?

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Some thanks!
And flew all his family - at THEIR request.

In a statement issued Aug. 27, Trump said he had acted in response to the late senators’ survivors.

“At the request of the McCain family, I have also authorized military transportation of Senator McCain’s remains from Arizona to Washington, D.C., military pallbearers and band support, and a horse and caisson transport during the service at the United States Naval Academy,” Trump said in the statement, as distributed by The Associated Press.


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Just who paid for John McCains funeral? Any takers?
The American taxpayer paid the greater portion.
AF-2 doesn't come cheap, then the military and honor guards.

The McCain family may have paid the funeral home for the casket--------------Maybe not.


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The funeral in Arizona - I would think the family would have paid. Not sure, though.

Like Jazz said the AF-2 transport was authorized by the POTUS, but there was something that I read that said they family has to request it, because, as a Senator, he was entitled to lie in State at the US Capitol, but doesn't HAVE to. The Funeral at the National Cathedral - was definitely paid for by the US Taxpayers. The burial, which could have been at Arlington (which he didn't take advantage of - but requested Annapolis, instead) was also paid for by the US Taxpayers.

While he was certainly entitled to the military honors he received along with a burial and even the transport from AZ to DC due to his political office - I feel like it was way overblown and cost a crap-ton more money than it really should have. Especially since Ms. Cindy Loohoo can certainly have afforded all of that. :rolleyes:

My father's and my mother's burials at Arlington - was also paid for by the US Taxpayers. We had about 1 hour before the service for my family to gather at the reception place. (Strict! 1 hour!) We had 1 car which transported my mother's cremated remains, that we followed over to the Columbarium. (a procession of about 4 cars, as there were not a lot of people attending) and a vehicle which carried the Officiant and possibly the honor guard. That was it. :lol: