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Anybody interested in a kitten?
My wife is trying to re-home some kittens.

They are really cute.
I will post some pics later.


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Want one?
Are you Man enough to take care of it?
I'm asking around for you. I know some cat lovers. I have enough fur babies.

And yeah... judging by recent comments, definitely man enough compared to a few internet tuffies.


Damned glad to meet you
My little RB girl Petey got in the foyer closet one morning without me knowing it. When I got home that afternoon she didn't greet me at the door as usual so I started calling her. When I opened the closet door to put my coat away, out popped a Petey!

She must have slept all day because all she said was a little 'brrrip', like she just woke up. And no pee!