KKK... AntiFa... Democrats just love their masks!


God bless the USA
Perfect visual! Ties in with BOP’s thread, today. What a bunch of cowards, babies, and, totally clueless people. Do they think that no true patriots are ‘left’ in our beloved country. They should really be careful about stirring the pot too much. Protesting is one thing, but looking like gangs is another thing, all together; so to speak. Much less recognizing their own compatriots. Omygeez. Too funny. :lol: And, do these Antifa people realize they are emulating the KKK that they, supposedly, so despise. Oh wait...they are the same Dem animal. I hope Soros spends his very last dime on this crap. It won’t change a thing until the last patriot in the USA is dead.
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You mean besides facial recognition software? So the #### what if I want to attend a demonstration with a mask on? 15 year prison terms? Come on.

If Antifa is causing issues and committing a crime, they should be arrested, but this criminalization of clothing is stupid and I didn't expect that level of authoritarianism from the GOP, let alone full-blown acceptance from their voting bloc.
Again, you refuse to look at the whole thing. There is not a penalty for wearing a mask. The penalties are stiffened for wearing a mask while committing a crime.

Take a break from the pipe, let the smoke and haze clear, maybe tomorrow you'll see the real picture.


As I said, if Antifa is causing issues and committing a crime, they should be arrested.
The problem is, in most instances they are able to evade arrest. So, now you have a violent thug out there that the cops can't identify. As I understand it, wearing the mask alone would not be a crime; but wearing the mask while committing a crime would be an additional charge to the crime. If you're coward enough to commit a crime with a mask, then I'm down with heaping more charges on the person. I'm fed up with these cowards running amok and putting innocent, law-abiding peoples' safety and lives at risk. Throw the gauntlet down on these people to send a clear message that we will not tolerate this anymore.
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Why do you waste your time like this?


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As I said, if Antifa is causing issues and committing a crime, they should be arrested.
So are you conceding the argument after this revelation

If I may ...
Calm down there a bit. It said, "...a proposed law that would enhance penalties for anyone who “injures, oppresses, threatens, or intimidates any person” while wearing a disguise or mask." So go wearing your mask, just don't do anything illegal. Most state already have laws concerning wearing masks while committing a crime anyways.
Just wondering since you haven't gotten back to this particular thread.


From slavery to segregation, Jim Crow and antifa, the Democrats have consistently endorsed hatred.


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Why do you waste your time like this?
Don't we all ? Just being in the forum and posting to the liberals here is a waste of time.

They wear blinders, and attempt to justify anything done to harm our country and encourage divisiveness.