Know anyone selling a nice pony


Kiss my Ass
I am looking for a nice lesson pony. Must be between 11.2 and 13.3 hands. Prefer right there in the middle.

Must be resonably priced. Also I have three I would consider trading. Two super Amish broke mini driving ponys and a double registered (may be bred) mini Jennet. The minis drive single and double.



Kiss my Ass
happyappygirl said:
what happened to that cute little silver dapple pony gelding your son was riding?

Still have him. He is my son's show pony. Would like another for my lesson kids.


RIP Quinn
I just talked to a friend today who has a pony to give away.. Sounds like his only vice is that he needs electric fence because he just started pushing through board fencing. pm me if you want her number.