Large 'potentially hazardous' asteroid passing by Earth on Tuesday.


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NASA deems 1994 PC1 a 'potentially hazardous object' because of its size and distance from the Earth

Astronomers are tracking a large and "potentially hazardous" asteroid that is set to make a relatively close pass by the Earth on Tuesday.

The asteroid, called 7482 (1994 PC1), is expected to fly by our planet around 4:51 p.m., at about five times the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

"Near-Earth #asteroid 1994 PC1 (~1 km wide) is very well known and has been studied for decades by our #PlanetaryDefense experts," NASA tweeted last Wednesday. "Rest assured, 1994 PC1 will safely fly past our planet 1.2 million miles away next Tues., Jan. 18."

Not sure I'd call 5x the distance to the moon, "near."


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