Larry Hogan to send MSP to South Korea!!


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Real trouble our President may have to deal with and here in the States we have Antifa and BLM and the Democrat party dicking around with their senseless war against Trump.
There are important foreign issues we need to deal with without seditionists and domestic terrorists screwing around.


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Party’s Central Committee first vice department director

Now that's a mouthful to put on a business card.

With her being pushed into the foreground it sure sounds like her fat brother is on his last legs. She would nuke Seoul in a heartbeat.


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Okay, WTF is with the title of the thread?
It's a play on Hogans getting flu tests from the South Koreans.
Easy to figure that one out.
Of course he isn't sending MSP to help, just as he doesn't send MSP to clean up Baltimore.
Instead of angering the Mayor and his Baltimore Constituency by cleaning up the place he just sends them "mo Money".