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You love to feel attacked and play the victim even in this scenario don't you?

No one said anything about why was a white woman in the hood.

Yet you claim to have black friends all the time. You are such a joke. At least admit you are a bigot

Vrai, I'll need a source on that claim too, sadly. The Baynet comments appear to have nobody asking why that lady was passing through the area. I pass through there from time to time. Used to live there, ya know.


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Challenge accepted.

Now, we have some logical inconsitencies within the statement, never mind that they dont line up with reality and offically reported facts.

1. If the old lady wasnt going to stop, no 10 year old being drug would do it, and at 40, not much else besides another viehicle or a crowd of people jamming up the wheels were. Yet, she did stop.

2. Any 10 year old hit and drug by an SUV going 40 is dead. Certainly not going to be released from the hospital the next day. Also, his ability to accirately asses the speed of a moving vehicle without advanced training or measuring equipment is suspect.

3. If the officers were keeping EMS from the scene, that means that the officers felt is was not yet a safe environment for them to be. Given that the old lady was trasnported for incapactiating injuries (one comment claiming to be with her in the hospital says she has a broken pelvis) the claim that nobody touched her is incorrect.

Now, after the fact, I would not be surpirsed if we dont see some community organizing over the "racist" response where we not only dont punish the evil old white lady callously running over children but also arrest the heroic people who simply saley and politiely kept the evil old lady from continuing her streak of mayhem by hemming her in while keeping a polite and respectful distance from her.
I'd suggest that anyone that feels the need to say "I'm a white male", probably isn't.


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But what we do have is just one guy, not ten. And given this guys ability to craft a basic sentance appears to be less than the average 10 year old, his ability to perform other functions like guess a speed are in question. Add in his inability to accurately report other simple facts, I'm going to say his testimony is worthless.
I did say 9 out of 10 :buddies:

I'm not so sure people can really tell 40 from 25 as easily as you say. I'm sure they can call "Faster than 25", but how much faster? I'll bet your spread from person to person is greater than you think. Eyewitnesses suck. The human mind and memory is a morass.
Agreed. As I said before, I am not saying that most people can tell you exactly how fast or even how much faster. What most can tell is that the person is NOT traveling anywhere near the posted speed limits.


Being that I have to drive near this area tonight, should I allow for extra time for the protest that will undoubtedly be taking place due to this obvious racial injustice?

I mean, it goes without saying, that Rev. Al Sharpton will likely head on down now that a TV station has picked this up. He will be demanding the release of the wrongly accused man who wasn't beating the old white lady, but rather comforting her following this tragic accident and any insinuation otherwise is blatant racism on the part of the public or the police. And of course, the police got all the facts of the case wrong in that the white lady did no wrong or violated any laws. It's simply a cover up on what was a planned and targeted hate crime against a 10-year old girl.


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Parents apparently haven't been teaching their children to look both ways before crossing the street for at least a generation. I see people all the time - young adults, not little kids - just waltzing out in front of oncoming cars like they own the place. It's not a black thing, either; whites are just as guilty.

Maybe this is something else the schools need to take over because parents are too lazy to teach it.
:yay: It's a stupid thing.

They do seem to think that since they are ON the roadway, they have the right of way. No where near a cross-walk, etc. Just ON the road. :rolleyes:


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Common sense?? :shrug:

Don't know about you but, I typically slow down and stay aware of children in a residential neighborhood. I know that may be contrary to the typical SOMD driving style though...
No, you said "supposed to" as though there were some kind of law or ordinance in place that all drivers should be aware of. Then you tried to weasel out of it by saying "I never said it was a law."