Lex Park keeping it classy


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Anfernee Trevaughn Milburn, was identified by a witness at the scene as a person who assaulted Linda Glaser, 72, of Lexington Park.
Crappy English or is there more to come?


Just being a fly in the ointment...
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After reading the comments in another thread about meeting folks from here I imagine yours would go something like:

"I ran into (insert username here), they slapped the #### out of me :bawl:"
That would require quite a few slaps.


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Are there no-go zones in Lexington Park? If so, then we are turning into France. And Sweden. And Germany.
Hmmmmm, I would walk through Patuxent Homes, but the radar would go up a bit. Now the area down by the library, Missouri Ave, nope.


Awww, jeez
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I thought it sounded like a bastardization of "Anthony" and it probably is.
From Paul Harvey:

When he was born, they asked his father "What should we name him?" Dad was 3/4ths into a new bottle of Hennessy. He replied "Name him after me!". Needless to say, his speech was quite slurred. He repeated himself 3 or 4 more times before falling asleep on the couch. Not wanting to wake him up, the family discussed what he said. Several claimed pops said "Anferknee".

Now you know the rest of the story.