Liberal Millennials, Not Surprisingly, Fail At Sex Too


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But why is it dwindling? Aren’t liberals supposed to be sexy and liberated? Well, it’s been a while since I dated one, but no. They are whiny, not sexy. They are the Ben Sasse of sexiness.

There are a lot of other causes for the millennial sex drought besides that last, terrifying image. Romance used to be fun and now it is fraught. Look at the sexual fascism sweeping the schools and workplaces where millennials dwell in which normal male/female interaction is labeled “sexual harassment” by the aspiring erotic Carrie Nations of the Progressive Junior Anti-Sex League who compete to turn even the most innocent flirtation into a hate crime.

Get this, from the Atlantic piece: “According to a November 2017 Economist/YouGov poll, 17 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 now believe that a man inviting a woman out for a drink ‘always’ or ‘usually’ constitutes sexual harassment.” Well, that’s 17% of the population that self-selects out as too stupid to ever be loved.


asking a woman out for a Drink is Sexual Harassment .... no wonder there are so may INCEL's or MGTOW


asking a woman out for a Drink is Sexual Harassment

If you're ugly it is. Simply looking at someone without consent could be sexual harassment for the aesthetically challenged patriarchs.

If you're not ugly then not asking a woman - or sundry non-binary-gender individual - for a drink is discriminatory.