Liberals Are Triggered By Facebook's Decision To Leave Up Anti-Pelosi Video


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Liberals are up in arms over a doctored video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi that showed up on Facebook. The video was slowed down to make her appear confused and as if her age is finally catching up to her. Democrats brought the video to Facebook's attention, letting them know the video had been doctored. Facebook came back and said it didn't violate their terms of service, therefore, the video can stay.

When conservatives were being censored, liberals looked the other way. When conservatives were being suspended, liberals said censorship wasn't taking place. In fact, Dems have been in favor of social media websites' censorship because the owners are liberals. Now that they're finally being negatively impacted, it's a massive crisis on their front.

Facebook’s Vice President for Product Policy and Counterterrorism, Monika Bickert, told CNN's Anderson Cooper why the video would stay.

“You have no problem removing 3.39 billion fake Facebook accounts from October through March. So why is it okay for you to remove fake Facebook accounts, but it’s not okay to remove a clearly fake video?” the host asked.