Lies, Incorporated: The World of Post-Truth Politics


Ubi bene ibi patria
Lies, Incorporated: The World of Post-Truth Politics by Ari Rabin-Havt & Media Matters for America

"In today’s post-truth political landscape, there is a carefully concealed but ever-growing industry of organized misinformation that exists to create and disseminate lies in the service of political agendas. Ari Rabin-Havt and Media Matters for America present a revelatory history of this industry—which they've dubbed Lies, Incorporated—and show how it has crippled legislative progress on issues including tobacco regulation, public health care, climate change, gun control, immigration, abortion, and same-sex marriage. Eye-opening and indispensable, Lies, Incorporated takes an unflinching look at the powerful network of politicians and special interest groups that have launched coordinated assaults on the truth to shape American politics."



Power with Control
Wait, so this purports to claim that this misinformation industry only serves conservatives? So, it's BS right out of the gate, this industry serves all politicians, which is why Americans are generally done with politicians.