Linda's Cafe


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I know there are a bunch of you that don't frequent Linda's for one reason or another, but I do, specifically breakfast. It's easy and relaxing, always prepared correctly. I have never had something I didn't like or returned.

But with the hardships that all places like this are experiencing, Linda's is still here and still open. For a long time they did like many others, survived on takeout, and they worked hard to survive. But something caught my eye this morning. In spite of hardships, they didn't lay off people. I see the same faces. And not only the same faces, but more new ones. A quick look around tells me they hired more people than they really need. Maybe they were hired just to help clean and disinfect, but any other business would have claimed poverty and had the existing workers do double duty if they wanted a paycheck. This is a real community business.

Anyway, my point is, go out and get breakfast, whether at Linda's or somewhere else. Or lunch. Or dinner. So you have to wear a mask before being seated. You can take it off as soon as you have a drink in front of you. I'd really like to see places like this still be here if and when we ever return to normal.


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Vrai & I have been patronizing restaurants for a couple of months now. From way back when we were in New Braunfels and dining opened up. Other than Mod Pizza, we haven't gone to any chain places, always the local, sometimes recommended, restaurants. G's Pizza & Pub. The pizza is Chicago style. Not my preferred style but it's still pizza. Many locals in there. Quite a few with ties to the local music/entertainment industry. They tell us where to go and what to see. Also the places to avoid. Nothing like fresh, up-to-date, local intel.


Just sneakin' around....
Vrai & I have been patronizing restaurants for a couple of months now.
Your situation is a little different than most of us. Eating out becomes a necessity because you don't have the storage and cooking in the RV I'm sure gets tedious. But the sentiment is the same; do what you can to patronize.