Local Food Lions purchased by Weis Markets


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None of the Food Lions in Waldorf were mention either.So unless they were purchased by someone else they stay open as Food Lions.


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So, is this apart of this? : http://smnewsnet.com/archives/401984/list-of-potential-grocery-stores-closing-in-southern-maryland/
Or something different? There was a thread about the potential selling of some food lions due to a merger and some may be closed to avoid a monopoly.

Yes, that's what this sale is about. By selling those stores (and chains in other states), the merger of Ahold and Delhaize can get past the FTC.

That may also be the reason why some of the Food Lions (e.g. Charlotte Hall) are not on the purchase list. They don't create a monopoly situation in their respective market area (or they simply don't have the numbers to be interesting for Weis).
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...and non-union

If it has a union label, I won't buy it. Same thing with union grocery stores. The could have rib eye steaks at $.99/lb and I'd pass them up, just because I've seen what kind of morons they help keep employed.