Local Growler filling information


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Figured as we get more places to do this, might be good to centralize information of what places do what and how. Post information you have verified. Next time I'll try ABC.

1. Filled up at Twist last night. No problem filling a growler from elsewhere. Price was a bit high at $21 for Devils Backbone Lager. Guy told me that on Wednesday, 32oz fillups were $7, so that same fill would cost $14.


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I believe Nick's of Clinton/Calvert will fill any growler from a MD brewery. Same for Yo Mama Wing (Prince Frederick) and Ruddy Duck. Doesn't have to have their label on it.

Also, if you sign your name on Nick's ledger (at their growler station), you'll get an email when they add new beers. Basically you'll get an update saying a new beer is here and these others are still on tap as well. It's a nice way to flip through an email when you're in the mood for a beer to see if they're stocking something at that moment that tickles your fancy.


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On Sunday, I asked my server at the Ruddy Duck Seafood and Ale House on St. George Island about growlers. She told me that, because of their limited cooler space on the premises, they will not be filling growlers there.


I went to Nicks when they first started the growler thing and the guy said they will only fill Nicks branded growlers. If that's changed it would be nice to know as I already have 3 nice ones and don't want/need a Nicks labeled one. It would be nice if they would fill mine up but im sure there are some stupid laws/regulations that don't allow them to do that.