Look For Democrats To Blow Their Meager Success By Being Jerks


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After all, Trump was promising an infrastructure plan back during his campaign; it was the GOP that was stalling it, not the Democrats. He should push the infrastructure program he always wanted, and dare the Democrats to oppose him. If he wants to be really aggressive, he should aim it towards minority communities that the Democrats have traditionally paid attention to right before elections and then ignored for the next two years. He should insist that those communities get a share of the work and the skill training that goes with it, and he should go to them and take credit for it. Polls already show minority approval of Trump is higher than for any other Republican – time to push that.

And Trump has no lingering attachment to conservative doctrine that would stop him from brutalizing Big Pharma for its drug price shenanigans. The giant drug companies still manage to exploit Republicans who defend them with talk of “free markets” and stuff – when it comes to these corporations, the quotation marks are appropriate. Big Pharma pushed Obamacare down our throats and has been paying off the GOP suckers to do its duty work for decades because of Muh Capitalism. But if their monopolies and scams are capitalism, get us some Che T-shirts because even the Republican mainstream is getting tired of water-carrying for the pill-pushers. When Hugh Hewitt, a solid guy with his finger on the weak pulse of the establishment, starts railing about their perfidy on his radio show, they’re prime to be dumped.

Look For Democrats To Blow Their Meager Success By Being Jerks