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Videos of Minneapolis robberies, mob-style beatings go viral

Fox News has obtained a series of disturbing videos showing mob-style attacks in downtown Minneapolis in which police say “vulnerable” victims were targeted and brutally beaten for valuables such as cell phones.

The chief of police, Medaria Arradondo, has requested 400 additional officers over the next few years to make up for the shortage.

However, some members of Minneapolis’ City Council argue against the money going toward additional officers. Instead, they argue, the money should go toward other law enforcement and safety programs.

The city’s mayor, Jacob Frey, has proposed adding 14 additional officers to the force.



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I think what they need is stricter gun control for the rest of the state, better go confiscate fire arms from the law abiding citizens outside the city limits.
Wouldn't want them to go into town armed, might put Omar's constituents in jeopardy.
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"The chair of the city’s safety committee, Alondra Cano, previously told Fox News that the city council acknowledges there is a crisis and is investing and diversifying its force to better represent the community. "

Maybe a little more focus on quantity of officers vice making sure you have all 51 flavors? I dont mean go all DC and open the program up to former "justice invovled" individuals just HIRE SOME FRIKEN COPS.


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It's a no win situation (for common sense). If people stay away, stop spending money in the city, it will decay even further, meaning continued power to the idiot politicians who foster the problem with their words and deeds.

Won't do any good to hire even the most qualified officers if their hands are tied.
Look at what's going in in NY after the cop was fired over the Eric Garner death. Mayor and Police Commissioner are unhappy with the police because arrests are way down. Apparently the cops took the message to heart and just aren't rushing out to catch law breakers, they are keeping themselves in reserve for "serious" crimes.
It wasn't just the firing, it's the lack of support from the administration. Buckets of water (or god knows what) were thrown on cops doing their job and there wasn't a peep from the Mayor.