Looking for a website.


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A few months back, somebody posted in a thread a link to a website with interactive maps where you could drill down to a piece of property where it would not only give you basic info, but even tell you who owned the property. I don't remember if it was a Census Bureau, MD State, or local SMC website.

Does anybody remember that website? I'm doing some research on a piece of property out of state so I'm hoping it is national.


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Google maryland land tax records. Usually the second option is SDAT. Choose your county and then street address. You can just put in any street (no road, lane, court) and every property on the street will show.


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The one you are thinking of specifically was St Mary's GIS. Uses a map view as opposed to SDATs adress view. Helpful if you know about where a place is but don't know the street address. Also allows layers like topo and others.