Looking for country sausage


I noticed that Woods Produce in Charlotte Hall has closed. Their breakfast sausage was great. My problem is that we live in Texas, and would have to find a place that makes great country breakfast sausage and would freeze it and ship to us.
If we could get the names of others that make the sausage with sage. I will try to contact them to see if we could set something up. I really miss that sausage, and just haven't found anything like it here in the San Antonio area.
Let your taste buds be your guide. Any help would be appreciated.

I thought Woods moved up the road to another place and changed the name. Next to Lighthouse Liquors? Pretty sure that's where I saw them.


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There is a wonderful little market in Austin area with fresh made pork sausage, but that doesn't really do you any good since it's about 2 hours from you. I'm surprised San Antonio doesn't have a meat market with good sausage.


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My husbands family lives in and around San Antonio. I have messaged them and hopefully get you set up locally. I have frozen food shipped from NJ but they only do it November until March because of the chance of it defrosting and that is with using UPS.