Looking for Roxy


What's one more bird?
Has anyone spoken to Roxy lately? Trying to get in touch with her - the babies are FINALLY ready (this ended up being a double clutch, so these are "new" chicks - just fyi :) Although I did question their weaning plans as they didn't seem too interested in feeding themselves - except for Munchie who must have seen the disappointment on my face when felt everyone's crops for a little self feeding, hahaha. They are now weaned and are ready to head back to their mom, so if anyone has her contact info that would be great. I've recently cleaned out a lot of my older PM's and have lost her contact info (but I have PMed her - but I see she hasn't been on much lately.) Anywho if someone has a number or still chats with her and could ask her to PM or call me that would be fantastic :)

God bless and Thanks in advance,

Ps - They all turned out to be grey's split to pied, with Patches having alot more patching on her head and a couple of yellow primaries (I'd almost consider her a very light pied) - she's very cute :)