Los Angeles Mayor Admits the Obvious: Anti-Police Protests Contributed to Rise in COVID-19 Cases


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"We do believe there is a connection, we don’t believe that everybody has been doing this safely and wherever you can, please stay at home," he said.

Garcetti's comments walked back earlier statements where he said there has been no evidence the protests have cause COVID-19 cases numbers to go up.

"In situations where people are close together for longer periods of time and it’s very crowded, we are certain that there is going to be spread. So, we’ve never said that there’s no spread from people who were protesting," Ferrer said in an interview this week.


Poor Sapidus .......

And MASKS DO NOT WORK ............


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I guess it would be wrong to hope that everyone who participated in the protests and riots caught the flu wouldn't it?
I guess I won't say it then. I hate to be wrong.