Lost at sea for 8 days


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Navy Times reports the U.S. Navy rescued three fishermen Tuesday who were adrift on a boat in the Pacific Ocean for eight days.The men were reported missing Feb. 12 after failing to return from a fishing trip in Micronesia. The men had food and water aboard their 19-foot skiff, but no safety equipment or radios.
The U.S. Coast Guard based in Guam searched for the men for several days before calling in a Navy team from Japan, who used a P-8A Poseidon plane equipped with advanced radar to find the boat within three hours.


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Yeah man, Sooooooooo much effort expended over three years to get that damn SAR kit approved. Nice to see it get used.


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A bit off topic, I read about this the other day...

The date was November 12th, 1963. A crew member aboard the Gulf Lion, a tanker, spotted a small boat in the distance. In it was a man, waving frantically. The ship changed course and headed to the tiny boat and saw its single live occupant, a middle-aged man. Also in the dinghy was a seven year old girl – not alive, sadly.

The man told his rescuers that his name was Julian Harvey. He had been the captain of a sixty foot sailboat, the Bluebelle.

He explained that the boat had been chartered for a vacation trip by an optometrist from Wisconsin called Arthur Duperrault. He had had rented the craft and its crew from Bahia Mar in Fort Lauderdale intending to go on a week long cruise to the Bahamas with his wife, son and two daughters. The other crew member, in addition to the captain Harvey, was his wife Mary.


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Considering all the flotsam that drifts on the ocean, finding a 19ft skiff using radar is quite an accomplishment.


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Considering all the flotsam that drifts on the ocean, finding a 19ft skiff using radar is quite an accomplishment.
The radars you need to spot a subs periscope are pretty good radars.


The P-8A radar is also the only system of its type to provide a dedicated short exposure submarine periscope detection mode as well as ultra-high resolution imaging modes for maritime and overland operations, delivering uncompromised performance in every operational environment.
And just wait til Triton gets going.
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