m4a---> MP3

Larry Gude

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Ok, so, I have a folder of my songs on my desk top, FROM my android voice recorder, that I emailed to myself so I could have them on the desktop. Seems they are m4a format. I burned them to a CD, no problem and my truck CD player won't recognize. So, it seems I need to convert them to MP3 for this purpose.

1, how to do this and 2, is this the best way?

And, 3, I record the songs on my android, e mail to me, give them names, then want to send them back to my phone so I can put on my music player so I can listen back as an album. The recorder only lets me play one at a time.
So, I can't tell what format the player on the phone wants.




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Never tried but it has good ratings--- download.cnet.com/Free-M4a-to-MP3-Converter/3000-2140_4-187723.html.