Magnum P.I. Reboot


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CBS has officially added the Magnum P.I. to its fall 2018 lineup.

For the millennial-minded among you, Magnum P.I. was a drama series that ran from 1980-1988 on CBS and was Tom Selleck's big acting break. Selleck starred Thomas Magnum, a private investigator who lives a luxurious life in Oahu, Hawaii while solving the cases he wants to solve.

In this reboot, the eponymous character, Thomas Magnum, will be played by Jay Hernandez (Suicide Squad, The Expanse). The project comes from CBS's rebooting wunderkind, Peter Lenkov who has already successfully updated older intellectual properties like Hawaii Five-O and MacGyver.


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I voted for Tom Selleck's 'stache for President.

When I see photos of Jay Hernandez I don't immediately think Thomas Magnum. I'll withhold judgement.


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Okay... I just watched the trailer on YouTube. It doesn't look bad, although it may take time getting used to a female Higgins.

Gonna miss the 'stache'.


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so Higgins will be a larger role this time around

ok I have to admit I am interested ..... how may times are they going to Trash the Ferrari


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One of the reasons I liked the way Selleck played Magnum was because he resembled in so many ways the character Travis McGee (free-lancing PI and "recovery specialist" in the many John D. McDonald novels..of which I read every one as a kid) on which which the series was loosely based.