Man Headed to Pokey for Shooting at Fireflies He Thought Were ‘Alien Lasers’


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LAMAR TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A man who fired shots at what he thought were “alien lasers” is headed to prison.

Troopers said Jesse Shields, of Mill Hall, Pennsylvania, was high on bath salts last June when he fired a handgun into the sky near Mill Hall.

The “alien lasers” he shot at were actually fireflies.

Fearing they were being chased, Shields and a woman, Katherine McCloskey, ran to a nearby home where the homeowner got the gun from them and called 911.

Shields then allegedly asked the homeowner if he could take a shower to “get the goo off him that was burning his skin.”


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You guys got it rough! The broad is driving the guy onto the other persons property while she is stoned on bath salts, and he gets 3-6 years while she gets 6 days-6 months. I'd never share my bath salts with her again!


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If he did, it has to be mistreatment of insects with a deadly weapon. We need a five day waiting period before purchase of bath salts.