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These guys keep coming to my door, it seems every few weeks in the warmer parts of the year. I try to tell them I am not interested and the guy wants to argue with me about it. Does he really think arguing with me will increase my interest?

No contractor worth a crap has to go door to door to drum up business.

I will never use them, I'll replace my roof all by myself before I ever give them a penny, they can blow me.

Ken King

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Put up a no trespassing sign, make sure it is obvious for them to see it. Then the next time call the law.


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I put up No Solicitation and No Trespassing signs. Ignored, claim they didn't see them although prominently displayed. Calling the cops might get one arrested/fined, but won't stop another from trying.

Just had a driveway company try me. Said he was "just in the area" and had "excess material". Told him that's the first indication of a ripoff. But I do need a driveway, so I let him measure and he'd send a quote. That was 2 weeks ago, no quote.

"Excess material". A whole driveway of excess? Yeah......... I get that he probably gets a better price for a larger order of material, but frikkin' say that. Why make up a line?

Ken King

A little rusty but not crusty
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