Marty Effing Friedman...

Larry Gude

Strung Out
...puts on one HELL of a show!!!!

Got to go to rehearsal Tuesday night in preparation for last night at B'more Sound stage. He's got this little chick from Osaka on bass and she RIPS! Damn good player and puts on the BEST show as a bass player I've EVER seen and that includes Billy Sheehan.

His drummer is a psychotic maniac, THE energizer bunny. HELL of a showman and I can't think of a better performance I've seen. Really good drummer, AMAZING performer. ####ing caged mad man back there!

His rhythm player is a kid I know from a decade ago from Arizona and is a fantastic guitar player. Just a little lame on the showmanship side.

And Marty does not look a day older than 21. He's like 53 or so now and played his ASS off. He has the energy of 21!

I am lukewarm on his studio stuff; just when he gets cooking, he does a LOT of melodic changes that leave me kinda bleh and he gets further away from a ripping tube tone than I prefer but, live, HOLY hell, does it WORK!!!! Having seen in in rehearsal, I was gonna blow off the show as having already been blown away plus me and my babe have been burning the candle at both ends, and in the middle, over the holiday but we went and it ####ing SMOKED!!!! A WHOLE other level of energy and performance!!!! She is not much of a metal fan but Marty's magic worked on her! He has a great blend of smoking runs, leads, WAY heavier than I'd expected and then those melodic lines, just works brilliantly live.

In any event, if you're any kind of metal fan, he's going to be coming around again. HIGHLY recommended. :larry: