Maryland's High Court Weighs Texts as Marital Privilege


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This just in from the Headline News:

Title: Maryland's High Court Weighs Texts as Marital Privilege

Date: 10-19-2018 02:27 PM

Summary: The court is considering whether to deem sensitive text messages between husbands and wives confidential communication, which usually may not be admitted as evidence in criminal trials.

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This is an excellent example of when lawyers run amok and need to be disbarred.

The man killed a 3 year old.
The texts show enough evidence that a jury found him guilty. "I didn't even bite him hard, but, apparently, he bruises easy." WTH???
That should be the end of it.

And PS, any idiot should know that your cellphone communication isn't private.

Erin Murphy, you have just invited karma to bite your ass for you, much like your client bit that toddler and then killed him. You are an amoral overly ambitious POS, and I have no doubt that one day you will be Mayor of Baltimore.

This infuriates me and there is a special place in Hell for lawyers like this.