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OMG Just got done watching last night's episode and Lincoln Potter (Sons of Anarchy) (he's sooo weird) sprung EZ and Angel out of jail after discovering a middle aged dead woman in their trunk. He then ratted out EZ to his brother Angel for spying on the cartel and providing information to the feds. Angel beat his brother up, the head of the drug cartel is in cahoots with the rebels, the Mayans are acting as the middle men, while three of the Mayans were in cahoots with the Rebels unbeknownst to the rest of the Mayans. The lawyer for the cartel is now considered a traitor and in the space of five minutes, his head was cut off and still blinking as they panned over it, the bishop hung himself (or so it will appear) while the rebels planted child porno on his computer, and EZ and Angel got a text from Lincoln Potter that their first assignment from him was to kill EZ's ex-federal handler. And he sent it while stacking pink and white good and plentys in a pyramid shape.

It's show is so good and I'm jonesing for some good and plenty.