Maybe she's just "too much" crazy for him?


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Chelsea Handler says Gov. Andrew Cuomo ghosted her after agreeing to a date

Chelsea Handler revealed that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo didn’t call her back after agreeing to go on a date with her.

The 45-year-old comedian discussed her newfound crush on Cuomo for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in her new HBO Max original comedy special “Evolution,” in which she discussed liking older men, specifically the 62-year-old politician.

She then noted that she wanted the ladies of “The View” to ask him a question on her behalf when he shows up. She explained that she previously asked him out on a date but he never followed up.



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you don't dip your wick in crazy, and she has showed her fake tits off enough there is no mystery there


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I thought she was supposed to be giving Fiddy a thank you boink for taking back his endorsement of Trump?


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I'm not sure Cuomo is interested in Fiddy's ex, but Hunter is probably chomping at the bit!

Down boy, down!:deadhorse