Mayor Bill de Blasio not giving up the POWER


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The likelihood that we ever get to zero cases is, well, zero. Coronavirus is a virus. Once virii hit human populations, they tend to come and go seasonally. Despite all the promising news we’ve heard about vaccines lately, vaccines don’t mean the virus cases zero out anytime soon if ever.

The flu infects hundreds of thousands every year, and kills somewhere between 24,000 and over 60,000 Americans annually. We have a flu vaccine. We’ll never have zero flu cases. It took decades to get to zero U.S. polio cases.

The COVID numbers de Blasio reports in his tweet are tiny. Plus, “cases” can mean a lot things, from positive tests all the way up to hospitalizations. The city’s test positive rate is low.

But he wants to keep New York under his COVID-unist bootheel “until we hit zero.”

He’ll kill the city’s economy, and then the city itself, if he’s allowed to do this.



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We'll NEVER hit ZERO you ignorant buffoon.

I'm pretty convinced that every time someone votes for a Democrat they should get a corrective electric shock. Like Star Trek Phaser stun level shock.
Said that back in April when it was hitting the fan and they were scream 60% infection by this time. It would hit a level and level out with periodic up swings.
Even New Zealand with closed borders and restricted travel along with strick at home orders still has a few new cases every day.