MD to invoke eminent domain to increase electrical grid

And it is NOT for the general public to support the forced switch to 'all electric' everything. It's for the data centers needed to support IA.

And the icing on the cake? Hundreds may be forced from their rightful Maryland property for.... Northern Virginia.

Maryland voted to become mini-California... well we sure look like it.

“This has to be sold as we are moving [electricity] to Urbana and don’t mention Northern Virginia whatsoever,” Frey said. “Then they can easily move power into Northern Virginia.”

Kalwa did not directly respond when asked by FOX45 News if this electric grid expansion will be used to fuel data centers in Maryland or Northern Virginia.

“It’s difficult to answer that because it is really the highway of electricity,” Kalwa said. “PMG identified 7,500 megawatts of load growth and part of the load growth is data centers.”

“It’s Maryland and Virginia but, to be clear, there is also a lot of generation retirements,” Kalwa added.


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that doesn't really explain wtf is proposed ....

New Jersey-based Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG)

is PSEG running power lines through Western MD or building a power generation source - I'm assuming a huge Solar Farm
About a decade ago, I visited Central City, PA which was the homestead of where my great-grandparents settled after migrating to America from Eastern Europe during the industrial boom (came through Ellis Island - had to be sponsored, have a job lined up, go throuh medical quarintine., etc.)

There were a bazillion signs in just about every yard in protest of the windmills being installed all along the mountain ranges. I did research to find out why they were upset. Seems similar scenario. Eminent domain... and it wasn't for energy being created for PA... they were selling it to NY.