Measles Outbreak In Seattle


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Worth reading the entirety of this short article (about 3 minutes of your time). Also worth checking out the links within the article (and note the linked articles' sources).


But if 3 minutes is too much at this time, here's the TL;DR version:

Washington State Officials Declare State Of Emergency As Measles Outbreak Continues (link in article)

Health officials in Washington have declared a state of emergency and are urging immunization as
they scramble to contain a measles outbreak in two counties, while the number of cases of the potentially
deadly virus continues to climb in a region with lower-than-normal vaccination rates.

How much lower than normal? This much lower:

Seattle Kids Have Lower Polio Vaccination Rate Than Rwanda (link in article)


Nice going Seattle. I know there are some conservatives who are anti-vaxxers, but the overwhelming
majority are lefties (Marin County has the lowest child vaccination rate in California) who in their next
breath—though it might be their last breath—also tell you they believe in “science.” In fact:

Parents who don’t vaccinate kids tend to be affluent, better educated, experts say. (link in article)

Yeah, but I thought, "Because, science."

Anyway, here's the chaser:

More proof that if “better educated” means you have a degree from an American university, you’re more likely to be an idiot than a deplorable Trump voter.


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The good thing is, since vaccinations work so well, those smart enough to vaccinate should have nothing to worry about! :yay: