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This is the gift that the (predominately female) intersectionality warriors have given women.

A mockery of Title IX.

But, of course, when years ago (and for years) folks warned of the slippery slope radical feminism was advocating these folks were called womyn-haters, sexist, Aunt Tomasina, misogynist, and on and on.

The RadFems' line was: there is no difference between men and women. And for at least the time being the RadFems have won the day.

Okay, then. Voilà! Your wish has been granted....

Am I now supposed to say, "Enjoy"? Because I think this is absolutely tragic.

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Good. Women should be home making dinner and raising children, not trying to outlift men in some smelly gym.


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Whoooooboy, this oughtta be a doozy. If I can use the term "boy" that is :) I predict actual bloodshed before this particular piece gets settled.


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Two words...


Or.. is this an open admittance that women want all of the benefits and none of the downfalls?


I am not a trans-hater. If someone wants to invert their genitals and call themselves Mr. or Mrs. in opposition to their biological sex, and wear clothing traditional to the opposite, more power to them. It has zero impact on my life if someone sits on, or stands in front of, a toilet.

But come on with this. Honestly.

There is a valid reason men and women are segregated in sports and have been since …. sports. At least back to Ancient Greece. It's simple ****ing biology - and no matter what you identify as, or what you imagine your gender to be, biological men have and always will have the physical edge in sports. Therefore, this kind of douchebaggery is, quite simply, not fair. Plain and simple. It's a scientific fact - and no amount of intersectionality or identity politics or wishful thinking will ever change that fact.

And unfortunately it's way too easy to fake it. I could say I identify as a woman, simply to gain an advantage and not compete against my biological counterparts - and who's to say I don't - I'll have the Social Justice League protesting and I'll have your intolerance splattered across social media and the press if anyone dares challenge my claims, I ****ing double dog dare you to try me! Competitiveness and taking advantage is a part of human nature - it's how we have no claws, no fangs, minimal muscle mass and no fur - and yet we're still handily and undisputedly at the top of the food chain.

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Two little opposable thumbs, who knew...... :) Waggle mine at the pets all the time :)

Probably more than just thumbs.

Else raccoons would be a way bigger threat than they are.

On the other hand, that probably is a major contributor than I give it credit for... Dolphins would be a huge threat to our Terran dominance. If they had hands … or really, any way to manipulate their surrounding environment at all, beyond booping things with their snoot.

Jesus - I wonder if they're intelligent enough to realize how limited their fuselage-like bodies are. And why they don't go insane murderous rampages from the pent up frustration...

Or do they? I don't know much about dolphins.


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Dolphins pretty relaxed, especially towards humans. and dogs. Seem to save thier rage bouts for sharks. David Brins Uplift Saga does a good job of exploring sapience and what it is and what happens when you give creatures on the edge a boost.


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Link: Dora Ratjen (he competed for (Nazi) Germany as a female...).
Yes and no. Depending on who you believe, this was either a nazi fraud or a tragic story. One of the few cases of someone with intersex genitalia who was genetically male but biologically sort of half way in between. A bit different from folks who are biologically perfectly normal male or female who decide to change their physical appearance.