Meet the Tenant From Hell...


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Holy cow. But it really wouldn't take much to repair it....except for this part:

That's the deal breaker.
Some people are trash. Built in 1993, you'd think they would have known about the potential landslide problem. Did you watch the video? :faint:


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That's some nasty azz sh!t! Sounds like a lawsuit against the property management is in order.


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Just read this article last night. ABNB spends millions to prevent bad publicity.

As they should, no? No one paid me when my tenants trashed my house and squatted for almost a year while I worked to get them evicted. And not even a 5 figure judgement against them is enough for a collections agent to do more than send them a nasty letter and put a ding against their credit. Sounds like I would have been better off making the rental an AB&B.

Honestly we need debtor's prison again.