Metcom Board giving away money to developers


What do you think about some of the recent Metcom board actions that have given away money to businesses?

In November, a car wash owner had a leak due to his faulty equipment which cost over $30k. He got one adjustment which brought the bill down to around 11-12k, then he came before the board and got that knocked down to 3,000. He is directly related to the Chair by marriage, so I guess what they say is true - it pays to be connected!

The next guy STOLE water from hydrants and instead of a $1,000. fine he got off paying $500. He could have rented a hydrant for that money and not broken the law or posed a hazard to the public water system. So they patted this fella on the back and smiled, gave him his handout and sent him on his way. It seems pretty likely he had worked this out with the Chair ahead of time, they are pals

Funny isn't it how these two cases were covered by the Enterprise but not the Baynet. Just a couple of months ago all the Baynet covered was Metcom. Then the Board does questionable stuff like this and there is no coverage ................... oh I think I might know, its cause the Chair is a partner or something in the Baynet .....

Tomorrow its probably going to happen again people. A developer friend is coming to speak to the board about a proposed development that he doesn't feel he should have to pay the full price any other developer would pay to connect. These are real costs by they way, not figures plucked out of thin air. Water service & wastewater treatment are expensive enterprises and the facilities that accomplish this work don't come cheap. But this independently wealthy developer doesn't think he should have to pay all that. And, he's a good friend of the Chair, they have multiple business interests together.

How do you feel about underwriting these handouts to cronies, relatives and business associates?

I think it stinks!


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If the developer you're speaking of is anything like the one in our neighborhood, they receive the discounted connection fee but pass the full cost onto the home buyer keeping the difference for themselves. Our community which had all the infrastructure replaced prior to the first house being sold has a "water / sewer fee" of $125/yr for 10 years charged to each new homeowner. My fault as I missed it in the fine print when we bought our house.... but I still think it's a shady deal...


Retired CPO, I've heard of those arrangements before but that is something different. In your case the developer paid the full fees due, as they must, and simply added that cost to the new purchasers. That is something that builders can do that has nothing to do with the water/sewer service. I agree, it feels shady but they have to represent that up front to purchasers

What I am speaking of is someone appealing to the board that they just plain don't want to pay the cost of doing business and think the rest of the customers should. Hey I am not a developer, I am simply Harry Homeowner, why should I underwrite poor business decisions of fat cat developers?


Audits are performed every year - just like the county. This isn't cooking the books or hiding asssets. This is board members who have SERIOUS conflicts of interest. They are related or in business or have close personal ties with these folks who come before them crying poor. They should recuse themselves. Two of them should never have been appointed to the board at all. But their buddies - the co commissioners wanted them there and look the other way
This is not a staff problem it's corrupt board members.
I wonder why there is no Baynet article today ? Probably because they didn't cover it knowing their owners were deeply involved in yesterday's events