#MeToo Crushes Black Lawyer for Being on Weinstein's Defense Team


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Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is almost certainly guilty of a long train of sexual assaults, as more than 80 women have come forward with claims ranging from harassment to rape. Even though he is likely guilty, Weinstein deserves legal representation and a fair trial. These due process rights also protect his alleged victims, since the failure of a thorough legal defense will likely vindicate their claims.

Yet in February, 50 Harvard students demanded Sullivan's removal, protesting with signs in front of Winthrop House. The students protested two legal defenses: the dean's decision to defend Weinstein and his decision to defend Economics Professor Roland G. Fryer, Jr. in Harvard Title IX complaints. Many Title IX offices do not afford due process rights to those accused of sexual harassment. Indeed, that is exactly what Sullivan said of the Fryer case. He attacked the Title IX investigationas "cruel and unfair" because there was "no semblance of due process or the presumption of innocence."


Even so, this decision is tragic and terrifying for the climate of free speech on the campus of America's most prominent university. If Harvard will demote the first black co-faculty dean — with his impressive resume — over concerns that his job is "trauma-inducing," is any speech safe from student psychobabble complaints?


Provide some manner of assistance to someone Progressives do not like, lose your JOB Even a lawyer that at one time gave advice to Obama
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Ah, the French Revolution made new again. I love the smell of a mob scene in the morning........
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Interesting story... watch to the end... only 2:30.

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It's kinda nuts. This guy teaches law.Everybody deserves a defense. That;'s part of the law and these students are obviously ignorant of that fact.
Maybe they do need a new teacher.

Its amazing though that nobody got mad when OJ was defended of murder.
And it;s pretty good bet he was guilty.


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Everybody deserves a defense.

Not if you stand opposed to Progressive Group Think

Punch a Nazi
Hound and Harass Trump Admin Officials from Restaurants and other public places
Hound and Harass Former Trump Admin Officials from getting JOBS in the Private Sector 1

Oppose Gay Marriage you are a homophobe
Oppose Illegal Immigration - Fox News tells you to be afraid of Brown People
Oppose Reparations - Hate Blacks


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These young adults are basically children who have no idea what real life is all about.
Their experiences as kids born with silver spoons in their mouths has not yet been grown out of.
When you combine that with liberal professors who stunt their minds with progressive BS it may take years for them to learn to think for themselves.


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He used them, they used him.
Tough to rape someone if you don't have a Penis and no testicles.
Her statement he has no testicles or Penis kind of destroys the rape charge. Oral Rape?
Pretty hard to get your head between a woman's legs while she is conscious and fighting.
If the arms are free she can fight if the legs are free she can kick.

IMO all of them could have just walked out.
If you call sex that was a necessity for a job rape, then he is probably guilty.
If it was a rape because he overpowered them--I don't believe it.