Microsoft Word introduces new "woke" feature to monitor your language


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Microsoft Pushing Woke Culture, Includes Word Checker To Help You Use Woke Terms

“Grammar & Refinements” checks age bias, cultural bias, ethnic slurs, gender bias, gender-neutral pronouns, gender-specific language, racial bias, sexual orientation bias and socioeconomic bias

Some of the issues reportedly targeted by Microsoft in its latest version of Office 365, a subscription service that 250 million people use, include age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or “socioeconomic status,” The Sun reports, offering some examples of suggested changes.

Legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong’s famed words upon landing on the moon in which he lauded “one giant leap for mankind” could be altered to “humankind” or “humanity.” Pop singer Barry Manilow’s hit “Copacabana,” in which Manilow sang of Lola the “showgirl” could be altered to “dancer,” “performer,” or “performing artist.”

Referring to the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher, as “Mrs. Thatcher” could be replaced by “Ms. Thatcher.” “Postman Pat” could be changed to “mail carrier” or “postal worker.” “Headmaster” becomes “Principal,” “mistress” becomes “lover,” “master” becomes “expert,” “manpower” becomes “workforce,” and “heroine” becomes “hero,” among other changes reported by The Sun.
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