Military Spouse Appreciation Day G.N.O.


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Come and Celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day!
May 11, 2012!

Silent Rank Sisterhood, a non-profit devoted to supporting the members
of the Armed Forces and their families, is hosting its First Annual Military
Spouse Appreciation Day G.N.O., May 11, 2012, from 6:00-9:00 p.m.[/B
And, because not all military spouses are female, there is not one, but two G.N.O.'s- One for the Guys and One for the Gals!

Ladies: Join Silent Rank Sisterhood for a night of shopping, food, and fun!

Gentlemen: Join Silent Rank Sisterhood for dinner, pool, and televised sports!

Events are Free and Open to Area Military Spouses!

Registration is Required!

To Learn more and/or to receive the Registration Form, please send an email to

Visit the facebook page: Silent Rank Sisterhood for announcements!

Learn more about Silent Rank Sisterhood by visiting the website!

Silent Rank Sisterhood | Supporting the Silent Ranks and All Who Serve
Due to OpSec- Silent Rank Sisterhood does not publically disclose event location!