Missing 5yo Autistic boy


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Wanted to get this out there for more eyes/ears.

INCIDENT ALERT: Units just dispatched to Benjamin Banneker ES in Loveville for a reported Search Party.
1:52 PM: Reports of a Missing 5 year old, with a disorder. Trooper 7 is over the area. Police on the scene surrounding the school and premise.
1:54 PM: 5 Year Old Ran into the Woods.
2:04 PM: Reverse 911 Call being put out for this Child, White Male, 5 Years of Age, (DESCRIPTION IF SEEN: Irish Green Shirt, White Blue Jean Shorts, Black Sneakers, Name is Leam Harper, Autistic While Male, Child Ran out of the Back Door of the School.
2:12 PM: Missing Child: Liam Harper, age 5. Liam ran from an employee at Benjamin Banneker Elementary School located in Loveville, Maryland. Liam is a white male with blonde hair and is wearing a green shirt and blue pants/jeans. Liam is autistic and will run if startled.

There is a heavy police presence in the area searching for Liam; ATV's and helicopters as well as K-9s
2:39 PM: Additional Units being added to the Call to assist in the Search Party.
2:58 PM: Child was last seen around 12:40 PM.
3:10 PM: K9 Units arriving to search for Child.