Mom ‘Regrets’ Adopting Girls From Communist China Because Trump Is More Authoritarian


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Meanwhile over in China, people have much bigger problems than stockpiling Plan B. For example, an infamous episode of the Netflix show “Black Mirror” is coming to life, as the country rolls out “the most massive population surveillance system in the world.”

“Freelance journalist James O’Malley recently posted a creepy video from a bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai,” wrote Helen Raleigh in The Federalist recently. In that video, a voice can be heard over the train’s PA system cautioning everyone aboard: “Dear passengers: people who travel without a ticket, or behave disorderly or smoke in public area will be punished according to regulations. And their behavior will be recorded in individual credit information system. To avoid negative record of personal credit, please follow the relevant regulations.”

Raleigh explains what’s going on: “If you never heard of the social credit system referenced in the video, welcome to China, where the government seems to have found the perfect tool to keep 1.4 billion people behaving as it wishes. It watches them 24/7 through a data-driven social credit system, something straight out of George Orwell’s fictional ‘1984’ and much more intrusive and destructive than what was depicted in the ‘Black Mirror’ episode.”