Moms' Demand Action Mom Shoots children!


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What was she doing with the kids? Why didn't the father have custody? Did he try for custody? The mother was on anti-depressants why did she have custody?
I don't know the answer to these questions, but I do know many men go to divorce court and the mother is given custody in most cases.
I read in one article that if the mother stayed in the home she would have to find a job and pay rent to the father?? I never heard of that sh1t before.
In most cases in Md. the home has to be sold, they split the money , the father pays alimony and child support and the mother moves in with her boyfriend, and they buy a boat with the child support money.


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This was absolutely tragic...

...for the children.

I had another - rather snarky - comment, but instead I'll just go with this: if you're ever interested in knowing what "projection" looks like, read this story.

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