Monday InSight will land on Mars, and other space stuff


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The article contains a list of locations where you can watch the landing, including at the Space museum at Smithsonian.

Here's more:

Also, from Chandra Observatory, a black hole devours a star:

Black holes are extremely compact and dense, generating incredibly powerful gravitational forces. When an object, like a star, wanders too close, these forces can rip that object to pieces. Some of the material from the doomed object is hurtled out into space. The black hole devours the rest. Astronomers just found a black hole gnawing on the remains of a star for over ten years. This is the largest meal, or the first clean-your-plate job, for a black hole ever seen.


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A SpaceX Falcon 9 is scheduled to launch on Nov 28th at 7:38am from Vandenburg AFB near Santa Barbara, CA. The nine-engined rocket will be carrying a large number 60+ small satellite payloads into a sun synchronous polar orbit.
This launch will be followed up by a ISS resupply mission on (I think) Dec 4th from Cape Canaveral in Florida.


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Followed by the first "Crew Dragon", which will send a human rated but empty SpaceX crew capsule to the ISS. The first stage will be recovered, and the capsule will be deorbited and recovered from the ocean just as if a crew were on board. If all goes well, we can hopefully see the first American capability to send people to orbit since the Space Shuttle shut down.

In other news, SpaceX will be standing up "hop tests" of the first stage of what used to be the Big Falcon (Fuc^%$) Rocket in West Texas, where they launch it and it goes up a distance vertically while moving a certain distance sideways before landing itself.