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First we had Aids, spread to heterosexuals by bi-sexuals now comes Monkey-Pox, spread to heterosexuals by bi-sexuals. Now that's the way I see it.

These festivals are not really festivals but homosexual orgies. Going around with strangers and having anal sex is not only stupid but damned dangerous. I cannot understand a community that allows these sick people to engage in open sex acts that if engaged in by heterosexuals would be considered indecent and people would be arrested for it. And even worse some liberals think that their children in grade school should be taught about these acts .


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Why can't they just say to the general population to stay away from homosexual men, sodomites? Because they are spreading the disease everywhere. I'm thinking people should start asking their local Boards of Education how may sodomites are teachers and what protocols are in place to stop the spread of this Monkey Pox in the classroom? Because as we all damn sure know well and good, is that a sodomite, if infected, will still be going to work in fear that if he takes some sick days, that he will be, as he should, considered Monkey Pox infected and scorned and shunned forever more.


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The Hill quoted a Brown University “public health expert” who said it was like walking a tightrope. “The tightrope you’re trying to walk is making sure that people don’t see it as just a gay men’s illness, but not alarming people so that they use up resources that need to go to the people who need the most right now.”

In other words, they don’t want worried heterosexual people hogging the monkeypox vaccine. Even though it affects everyone equally.

Like on the Animal Farm, some pigs are more equal than others. San Fransisco Mayor London Breed explained it like this: “We know that this virus impacts everyone equally — but we also know that those in our LGBTQ community are at greater risk right now.”

Oh, okay. It impacts everyone equally. But it impacts gay people MORE equally. Okay. Makes sense. Got it.

And then the Hill just went ahead and said it, what we all know is going on:

Part of the effort not to perpetuate social stigma has been a messaging strategy that doesn’t ask members of the LGBT community to limit their sexual partners.​

Hahahahaha! The reveal is not that this attitude cuts DIRECTLY against the CDC’s latest wimpy guidance, or that the public health establishment is going to ignore the CDC anyway. And it’s NOT the wacky admission that they aren’t going to tell gay men to cut out sex — even for a little while. We already knew all of those things.

But … the bizarre logic! Or rather, the illogical premise. In other words, the unstated assumption that, if you ask gay men to limit their sexual partners, then THAT ALONE is stigmatizing.

Nobody is telling public health that it has to call monkeypox “the gay disease” or create monkeypox passports allowing hetero people into festivals while banning gay people. They could try just closing down the “festivals” for everybody: gay people AND straight people. But nope. That would “stigmatize” gay people, so instead, we are pursuing a “let ‘er rip” strategy, apparently.

What public health experts don’t realize is that all their efforts to prevent stigmatizing gay people is actually ... stigmatizing gay people. We’re focusing a LOT on all these sex clubs, parties, and festivals, and frankly it is appalling. It’s giving ALL gay people a bad rap. But public health’s tortured efforts to avoid asking gay people to stop having anonymous sex for two weeks is making things even worse, stigma-wise.

To justify not telling gay people to abstain, even temporarily, the Hill quotes another public health “expert” who explained that gay people won’t — or can’t — stop:

> [San Francisco public health officer Susan Philip] noted that adopting abstinence as a public health strategy doesn’t work, and can often be counterproductive because community members will stop listening to other guidance from officials.

Oh. So, the picture that is emerging from all this non-stigmatic messaging is one of widespread, stomach-turning, out-of-control gay sex orgies that either will not stop or the gay people are so sexually crazed they simply can’t stop. And the public health experts ASSURE us that abstinence won’t work, not even for two weeks.

Now, add the anger generated by all the disparate treatment. You know what public health experts think DO work? MANDATES. Mandates for hetero people, like lockdowns. Mask requirements. Vaccine passports. Jab mandates.

But, apparently, mandates do NOT work for gay people.

It’s a bad look. It doesn’t seem fair. While I’m totally anti-mandate for anybody, I know that the experts are NOT anti-mandate. They LOVE the mandates. Mandates for regular folks. But the response makes it look like the well-connected gay lobby is getting special treatment.

Monkeypox is a double stranded DNA virus, which means that due to the double stranded nature of DNA each of the two strands act as a “check” on the other during replication. As a consequence of this “error checking”, this and other DNA viruses mutate much more slowly than RNA viruses do. Over time, DNA virus genomes are relatively stable. This means that, unlike SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) or influenza, Monkeypox is unlikely to rapidly evolve to escape either naturally acquired or vaccine induced immunity. For the purposes of making a vaccine, this makes it a much easier target that say, a rapidly evolving RNA Coronavirus such as SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19. Furthermore, from an immunological point of view, the various Orthopox viruses often are cross-protective. In other words, if you have been vaccinated with a smallpox vaccine, or previously infected by Cowpox, Camelpox, or Monkeypox, you are highly likely to be quite resistant to disease caused by the Monkeypox virus which is now being (quite rarely) reported in non-African countries.

Current data indicate that Monkeypox is not very infectious in humans - it has a low Ro (perhaps below 1), which is the term used to describe how efficiency an infectious disease can spread from human to human. Again, this is super good news for containment. An Ro of <1 generally means that (even in the absence of social distancing of other containment measures), for every person already infected, on average less than one other person will become infected. For comparison purposes, the Omicron variants of SARS-CoV-2 have an Ro in the range of 7 to 10. A virus with an Ro of less than one can be easily contained with the standard public health methods discussed above. A virus with an Ro of 7-10 essentially cannot be contained and will rapidly spread throughout the world, as we have seen with the Omicron variants. In the case of a virus with an Ro around 1 or less, traditional infectious disease containment methods such as contact tracing, identification and isolation of infected individuals can be all that is needed to control the virus. Now the fact that Monkeypox is being spread from human to human (rather than only arising from contact between a person and an infected animal) is not such good news, but since this transmission appears to be from very close contact, this means that it can be easily contained without resorting to a general population vaccination campaign. In this type of setting, if there is a significant outbreak, vaccination is often restricted to just the health care and/or first responder personnel most likely to be in contact with an infected person. Using a vaccine to help that containment via either “ring” vaccination or wide-spread vaccination strategies is generally unnecessary, and may even be counterproductive, depending on the safety of the vaccine - keeping in mind that no drug or vaccine is perfectly safe.

All you have to do is just not put your penis into a hole that poop comes out of. Is it really that difficult to resist?
Ok, let me get this straight:
The “patient #1” had lesions, pretty nasty looking ones, on his dick. And at least a dozen other dudes still had sex with him.

Would any sane person see lesions/pustules on their sexual partner’s junk, and say “Nah, nothing wrong going on here — let’s go at it”? WTF?
Well, they are mentally ill. They choose to put their penis into a hole that poop comes out of.

In fact, many delight at the idea of spreading disease in their communities. Look up bug chasers.


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Posted as well in another thread.

In case anyone was wondering how to identify a homosexual sodomite in public. Can anyone guess how he might have gotten this on his face? I wonder if he was a public school teacher if he would be allowed to teach with these pustules?




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New York gone wild! Now urges masks to protect against monkeypox! Not telling GAY & bisexuals to not have skin to skin intimate & sexual contact if high risk and/or infected, NO! politically correct!

Your child has near zero risk with monkeypox and contracting it in school. Children in GAY households if someone is infected are at risk. Schools are not a place that parents should worry about in terms of foci.

The vast majority if not all cases continue to be among men who have sex with men, GAYS males and bisexuals. We are very concerned about the bisexual community spreading not just monkeypox but all infectious STD pathogen as they at times take it home to their low risk monogamous wife who does not know he visits bath houses and engages in gay bisexual sexual intimacy. It is the bisexual males who took HIV home to his unsuspecting wife. Sadly and expanded HIV and made it a general population infection. It never was! Yet we spent too much time on blame and ostracization and we forgot the virus, the science. We must not ostracize and stigmatize.