More Cruise Antics (Vaccines)


the poor dad
What is the purpose of requiring Most everyone on a cruise to get a vaccine when out of the almost 50 positive cases, all but one was vaccinated? I just spent the last 30+ minutes reading through some cruise critic forum threads - those people are all in on the lunacy of requiring 100% vaccination and masking on cruise ships and NOT allowing any kid under 5 who can’t be vaccinated on a ship!


Yeah, whatever
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I was on a cruise in October. 1,600 passengers instead of the normal 3,900. No waits for anything, including elevators. It was a great experience.
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Board Mommy
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I have to believe that most people who enjoy cruises are Democrats because it's insanely boring and Democrats don't know how to have fun. So, since their major customer base is Democrat, and therefore hysterical about covid, it makes sense for cruise lines to demand vaccinations and complete masking at all times.