More of "Just ferals being feral"


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This doesn't happen in a civilized society.

The black ones in that video are feral...scum...non-human beings. I just got off the phone talking for a half hour to one of my lifetime best friends who happens to be black and a county deputy. What makes the difference???


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What makes the difference???
High levels of MAOA-L, Monoamine oxidase & testosterone.

Both which cause poor impulse control. Testosterone diminishes as 1 ages, thus the reduction in violence in older populations.


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Meanwhile, in SF, what looks to be a nice park. Audi Q5 or mabye upbadged Q3 getaway vehicle. Thief give so few effs that he still takes time to pop that back window and get a third bag while the vehicle owner approaches him.



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:yikes: Flint schools superintendent referred to the incident as "a physical altercation between two scholars."

The incident took place at Southewestern Classical Academy,
:lol: Way to keep it classy... Scholars, indeed.