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This is 1 of those 'we are laughing with you' shows. I didn't keep a journal or diary when I was growing up. Evidently a lot of people did. And those people go into a theater and read their journal postings for complete strangers. It's both hilarious and cringeworthy at the same time. 4 of the readers stood out for me. 1 of the guys wanted to be in a band.
Even though he never learned to play an instrument. He wrote a lot of songs. He sings 1 of them. It is clearly the type of song that would be written by a horny 15 year old virgin.
The off the charts misogyny is what makes it funny.

1 gal is in love with a popular guy from school. She draws all these little pictures like a comic book of the perfect life she will live with her beau. They are able to show the diary images on a big screen while she explains them. ANother guy, who struck me as gay the moment he began to speak,
told a tale of giving head to a stranger from the internet. His naiveness about sex was obvious but what he described could of actually been child sex exploitation.

1 poor girl cringed as she told the tale of being picked on by other girls in school for dressing in crappy clothes. Her mom started a home cleaning business and this girl was the only employee.
1 of the clients was the family of 1 of her tormentors. While cleaning she uncovers the mean girl's dad in bed with 2 other women


Catch this show if you can. You will be instantly transported back to your early teen years complete with angst and self doubt. Mortified Nation, it's cheaper than therapy.