Motorcycle painting


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What is a tin, sha? I know nothing about motorcycles,; except that my bros, son, and SIL got rid of them.

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I wonder who used to paint for the supercharger chopper guy that was in Mechanicsville on Rt5 next to Georges that moved to FL?

And there is a young man named Sean that does powder coat in White Plains that does some amazing work.
Custom Functionz on Printers ct. I heard he hydro dips also.


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I'm a virtual Boyd Cottington or George Barris with a Krylon can....

On a more serious note..Pat Oliver is probably one of the most skilled custom/trick effects painters I've encountered around here; he's done some amazing work on race boats and motorcycles. Problem is..I've lost contact with him. Last I knew he was working in the autobody shop behind D&G Customs in L'towne...
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