Move In Martha


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'It's none of your business. We have a key and we have the right to be here. You haven't shown me any ID, have you? Where's your ID? What's your unit number? What's your social security number since you want to ask information?' the woman asks her.

The resident then tells the dispatcher that the woman was yelling at her outside the apartment building.

'She wants to be famous for being a racist idiot. Because she hasn't seen enough white people's lives get ruined. She wants to be part of the trend,' the man is heard saying.

The trend he is referring too consists of Coupon Carl, Barbecue Becky and let's not forget Pool Patrol Paula, all of whom have called authorities on African-Americans or other minorities.

'Racist' white woman dubbed 'Move-in Martha' tries to stop two people from helping their friend move into an apartment and demands to see their ID before calling the cops