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Lots of People, Including Me, Are ‘Permanently Scarred’ by Trump’s 2016 Victory

He continued, “Of course, we have to begin with the biggest story, the former president of the United States pleading not guilty to 34 felony charges stemming from hush money payments he made to adult film star. But in addition to the material facts we saw yesterday, there was, of course, as I am sure you noted, also the sheer spectacle of it all. The Trumpian circus, if you will, of live 24-hour coverage of his drive to the airport, his plane landing, his drive from the airport to Trump Tower. All of which, I, think has a deep and profound reaction in lot of folks because of what happened in 2016. There are lots of people who watch politics closely who have got a lot of anxiety stemming from that 2016 election and probably will for as long as they live. I know I will. Trump’s surprise victory really warped the way a lot of people think about American politics.”

Hayes added, “Everyone is so freaked out, so permanently scarred by 2016, that obvious truth is often obscured. The truth is that Donald Trump, listen to me now, does not possess a magic power that turns political gravity upside down. He is an unlikable figure who lots of persuadable voters find repulsive.”


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I just finished "Killing Jesus" by O'Reilly and Duggard and it's amazing how nothing changes. Heathens are still the same barbaric ignorant brutes they were 2000 years ago.


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The best response "what would happen to a non-member of Congress that did that?"
I'd add - what if he was wearing a MAGA hat?
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I'd like to know if any alarmed security door was ever kept propped open as a normal access? They're usually kept secured for a reason such as a fire exit.